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Highslide JS
Roadkill Triptypch. Collection of Adam Briska. 1997.
About Me

Name: Colin Holden

Hometown: Madison WI

Thinks You Should Read: GutShot

Thinks You Should Hear: Amen Dunes


These Questions are Frequently Asked

Q: How did Encyclopedia Know?

A: Punctual Pete gave himself away when he arrived at the park early. Pete was normally so punctual that you could set your watch by him.
Q: But how could they be jamming us if they don't know if we're coming?

A: It's a trap!

Q: Is that Freedom Rock?

A: It is! And if you wish I shall turn it up.

Q: Où et la bibliothèque?

A: La bibliothèque est là, à côté du café.